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PostSubject: recruitment   recruitment Icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2008 10:48 am

1. Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you?
my name is Troy, from Blackpool, and im 14.

2. What class is your character and what level? what's your ingame name?
I am a level 70 hunter called "Vargis".

3. Why did you decide to play this class?
I decided to play this class because i was told its a fun class to play and easy to level up.

4. How do you spend most of your playing hours and how active are you?
Usually i would spent my playing time doing dailies in the morning then battlegrounds after, but i would like to start rainding battlegrounds gets very boring.

5. Our raidtimes are usually 20.00 - 00.00 (Gametime), Will you be able to stay for the whole raid?
Yes i stay up all night most of the time

6. How are your talent points distributed?
I'm beast mastery mainly with a few points in marksmenship on reducing mana and increasing attack power given from hunters mark

7. Are you attuned to Karazhan?
Im not attuned yet but i've got the quest

8. Which Heroic mode keys do you have?
Cenarion hold and hellfire at the moment

9. What experience do you have in these zones :
Raiding Dungeons Cleared (Pre-TbC)
List the dungeons with an "X"

[] Onyxia's Lair
[] Molten Core
[] Blackwing Lair
[] The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
[] Naxxramas

Raiding Dungeons Cleared (TBC)

[] Gruul's Lair
[x] Karazhan
[] Magtheridon's Lair
[] Serpentshrine Cavern
[] The Eye
[x] Black Temple (not on my hunter this was on my mums priest)
[] Mount Hyjal

11. What other guilds have you been in? explain why you left it..
Just a few low level guilds to help people with quests and dungeons.

12. Why do you want to join Untouchable Force?
I need to start raiding and most guilds dont get very far.

13. Who do you know in Untouchable Force? How do you know them?
I dont know any of you yet.

14. Post an armory link of your PVE gear

15. Did you read, understand and agree to follow the guild rules?

16. Does your PC run WOW without any problems?
Yes, sometimes a little lag tho.

17. Do you have a stable broadband connection?
Not at the minuite but we are getting a new one soon.

18. Do you have any alts? How much time do you spend playing them?
If so please link to any level 70 ones in armoury.
Yes but not level 70 yet.

19. If you join us for a trial we have guild rules that prevent you from doing any non official guild raids to level 70 raid dungeons so you don't become saved to them and can't then raid with us. Do you accept this?
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