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 Darkseid application

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PostSubject: ROGUE LF RAID,HC DUNGEON & PVP GUILD   Darkseid application Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 4:53 pm


Name: AJ Maiden
Where I live: Shrewsbury,England
Age: 21 d.o.b 01/09/1986

My Charater Name is: Darkseid
Race: Rogue (Combat)
Level: 70

Reason i choose Rogue: I like the idea of giving a target maxium damage while taking little damage, Also Rogues are fun to Lvl easy to play solo, Best at dps (Melee), Also i like to go into Horde Towns and gank people.

Hours Playing: I spend about 50 Hours average a week. Mon to Fri 6-11 and sat and sun 9-11.

Your Raiding Times: I work from 6am to 4pm so i will be able to stay for the whole raid.

Talents: 11/45/5

Attuned to Kara: Yes

Heroic Keys: All Keys

Pre TBC raids|: Unfortanlty i joined warcraft after Tbc, so i have no experince here Sad

TBC Raids: Gruul's Lair, Karahan, Zulaman

Other Guilds: Was a member of Jurvanauts , Kiris Guild Leader disbanned it because people started to become unreaiable

Why i Want to Join: Well 1 reason is im guildless, 2nd reason i have been in alot of grps this week for Heroics and i canr belive how many noobs there are doing them, So when i did a HC SV with Dangeruk & Simonwest i become a where that these were good players with goos tactics.

Who do i Know: Simonwat from pvp & Dungeons & Dangeruk from Dungeons aswell

Guild Rules: I have read your guild rules and printed a copy if i get invite for my records

Connection: I have a good conenction with about 170ms average

Alts: I do have a;ts but i never play on them so i wont like them

19: Trial ( I understand i cant do any non guild raids) because ill get saved

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PostSubject: Re: Darkseid application   Darkseid application Icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2008 4:15 am

note: please post a topic, so people are more likely to see it

atm i can't invite anyone, and can not log on WoW, so ask one of the GM's in game, as they'll be pthe persons to aprove you =)

too bad juvernauts got disbanned... i knew alot of people in there..
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PostSubject: Re: Darkseid application   Darkseid application Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 5:30 pm


CMK at be.imba.hu
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PostSubject: Re: Darkseid application   Darkseid application Icon_minitime

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Darkseid application
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