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Untouchable Force Guild Rules:

1. Each class will have its own class leader. If there are any problems (with guild members, with members play...), suggestions (tactics, raid wishes...), ideas or wishes please address those to your class leader or another officer (if CL isnít present). If needed, CL will talk about it with other officers. Any other actions wont be tolerated.

Everyone is looking for something different in a guild. If we are not meeting you needs and you want to move on that is OK. We expect some sort of turnover. But please send an e-mail or a whisper to your class leader or one of our officers explaining your reasons for leaving. This will help us in improving our guild. If you do not send an e-mail or a whisper it will be considered that you left the guild on bad terms and it will be unlikely that we will allow you back at a later date.

2. Spam in guild chat isnít allowed.

3. Asking for money is not allowed in guild chat. Asking for money is frowned upon under most circumstances.

4. Members are expected to help each other as thatís the reason were together in a guild, but if in moment no one can help you, this isnt the end of the world.

5. Members are expected to regularly visit the guild website and forums to maintain up to date info given out by officers and to review important guild discussions and contribute if and where possible.

6. Members are expected to review tactics online for upcoming bosses to speed up raids and instances and if you have a tactic that you feel can help then please add it to the forum for review.

7. Please use the forum to tell us of any extended period of absence from the game such as holiday so we can make arrangements to cover for you.

8. All members should conduct themselves in a manner that shows the guild in a good light to all within the game. Any member that brings the guild into disrepute will be in serious trouble. Please also refrain from speaking in general (instance general channel) chat while in a raid as this can show our guild in a bad light.

9. Be prepared to respec if needed, make sure your prepared to install all required guild addons, Ventrilo and any specific class addons needed.

10. Team speak/Ventrillo, is allowed to be used only by members of the guild.

Raids and loot:

1. Please be online for raids at least 20-30 minutes before raid start time, as this will result in an easier process to create the group and start the raid. We prefer you are in front of the instance in that period of time as well.

2. Each member needs to make sure, to repair and have enough items they need for that run (reagents, potions/flasks, bandages...), those who wonít be prepared will be on last spot to be invited in raid that time. We need to make sure that we are prepared for every encounter we may face.

3. Loot talking before the boss fights or while the boss fights wonít be tolerated. Raid members should be concentrating to progress in the instance, if we do so, loot will come with it as a reward for our progress and persistence. Any talking about class items should remain in Class chats or via /w.

4. Donít whisper the raid leader, use your class channel or whisper and talk to your class leader, or class officer, if class leader isnít present.

5. If you need to leave the raid earlier, please make sure you inform your leaders about it, before the raid (if possible). So we will be able to replace your spot. Same goes for other important things, too many AFKs wonít be tolerated.

6. PuG raids are not allowed to instances that save you to them, even level 60 raids. All raids must be sanctioned and run by an officer to ensure fair loot distribution etc.

7. When raiding, some instances have a limited party size and require a very precise party / class makeup and as such you may be asked to give up your space to exchange with another guild member.

8. The guild will do its best to rotate people into raids via pools etc to allow all to have an equal raid time but this may not always be possible.


1. Begging other members in raid or party for loot isnít allowed. Members can make an agreement about it, if they want to. If happens then please report this behaviour to your class leader or officer. It will be dealt with most strongly as we value progress and challenge more than loot.

2. "Hardcore" cursing in guild chat, in party or raid isnít allowed. If a member doesnít know where the line is, class leader of officer will make sure to draw it.

3. Personal attacks of members in gchat or via /w will not be tolerated!


1. Our recruiting forum normally displays a list of the classes we are currently actively recruiting. We will however look at all applications as we are always on the lookout for exceptional players to help build the core of our guild.

2. Being vouched for by an existing Full member of the guild will boost your chances alot. However we will need to make sure your actions match what has been said about you.

3. We would like to ensure that the character you join to our guild is your main and not an alt as we require that you be active and if you have another main then this may cause problems with raid times.

4. Trials normally last 2 weeks. Trials can be extended if we (the officers) feel we havenít seen you in action enough or if we have feel that you have not achieved the level of a member but want to give you some additional time to impress us.
Trials are not allowed Alts membership until they have passed their trail.

5. Please ensure before applying you can make our raiding times. We donít expect people to attend every raid but we like people to be active raiders.

6. If weíre in emergency for certain class, we will accept people in guild not attuned as well, but being attuned for Karahzan, BWL, MC, Onyxia and Naxxramas, will play a big roll in application.


1. Playing alts is fun to learn new classes you didnít play before, but in raids we expect you to play with main character unless specifically requested by an officer or Raid leader.
If you would like to take your Alt to raid (loot wise), then you need to talk to class leader, from class your playing, to talk about it, as there are mains who put effort in raid game, so they deserve to be rewarded first.

2. If you would like to switch Alt to main, please contact your class leader or an officer about it for the officers to consider it.
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Guild Rules
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